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Our Story

Urbandale Farm raises and markets fresh vegetables and flowers to Lansing-area residents. For more than six years, we have turned abandoned lots in the city into lush, green and delicious spaces. We feed our neighbors and invite them to work with us, and we’ve been recognized as a model for urban agriculture in Lansing.

One of the things that makes us unique is our apprenticeship program. We train local people – many of whom are unemployed or underemployed – in the art and science of urban agriculture. Our six month, hands-on curriculum includes everything from bed preparation, seeding, transplanting and pest management to harvesting, marketing and whole farm planning. All of our apprentices are paid.

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Of the 16 apprentices who have graduated so far, 12 now raise food for themselves and their families, have started their own farm businesses, work for area farmers or have found employment in the local food system. This is a remarkable success rate. And no one else in mid-Michigan is doing this same educational work.

Help us reach our goal!

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The Lansing Urban Farm Project is a registered non-profit organization, and every donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Why Donate?

Building human capacity takes time, but it can change lives and neighborhoods. As we have witnessed over the last five years, LUFPs apprenticeship program

• Gives area residents the skills to raise food for themselves and others

• Gives area residents an appreciation for healthy soil and the city’s natural environment

• Results in new urban gardens and farms

• Results in gainful employment

• Increases access to healthy food, particularly for people with limited transportation options

• Improves the appearance and value of the neighborhood

• Increases a sense of ownership of local resources

• Invites collaboration among neighbors and friends

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